2D Barcodes

Barcodes are changing. By 2027, all retailers are expected to be able to scan 2D barcodes at checkouts. 2D barcodes will replace the traditional linear EAN or UPC barcodes we have known since the 1970s. Woolworths in Australia is ahead of the game and is already implementing 2D barcodes on some products.

There’s no need to panic, though. We can quickly create your 2D barcodes. You will still need the barcode number you received for your product (EAN or UPC number). Barcode numbers are also called GTIN. GTIN stands for Global Trade Item Number. The GTIN is encoded into the 2D code. For more information on GTIN, watch our short video explainer.

If you don’t yet have your product’s GTIN (barcode), you can order it here.

One Code, Multiple Possibilities

2D Barcodes condense a wealth of information into one scannable QR code, slashing printing expenses and boosting product interactivity.

2D Barcodes offer more capability than linear barcodes. They are gateways to multimedia experiences as they can connect to videos and webpages and enhance your customers’ experience and information about your product. Scanning a 2D barcode with a smartphone enables consumers to access essential details such as allergens, nutritional content, recycling, sustainability, and information alongside various web engagement activities, all facilitated by the 2D digital link.

This is much more flexible as retailers can use it for point-of-sale pricing, inventory management, product recalls, and numerous supply chain activities, enabling customers to see more about the product and company. So it’s goodbye to cluttered packaging!




What’s the difference?

A traditional linear barcode image (EAN or UPC format) contains only the 12 or 13-digit barcode number (GTIN).

When a 2D Barcode is scanned at the Point of Sale (POS), it functions like a traditional barcode, providing data about prices and inventory. However, when a consumer scans the 2D barcode with their mobile device, it leads them to rich product content or a brand-specific webpage. The 2D code can connect users either to a simple product information page or to a wide variety of other pages and product information.

Watch our videos to find out more about 2D Barcodes and how to use them.

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Free Trial

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